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SelekTOR and Channel 4

Some users of the latest Linux distros have reported not being able to access Channel 4 in the UK, Im afraid this is NOT a SelekTOR issue.

The latest distros no longer ship with the Hal package which is required on some sites such as Channel 4 that use Adobe Flash DRM.
Since Flash on Linux is no longer being developed it has not kept up with the development of Linux, the upshot being you wont be able to access Channel 4 unless you have the Hal packaged installed.
Unfortunately most distros have now removed the Hal package from their package repositories but thanks to some enterprising folks in the Arch and Ubuntu communities you can get it here by adding the following if you are using a Debian or Ubuntu based distro:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mjblenner/ppa-hal
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install hal

I have verified this works for the latest Ubuntu’s and Linux Mint.

For non-debian distros the solution is to install the hal package for your distro, if it is no longer shipped with your distro then hunt around and maybe grab it from a slightly older repository of your distro.

Future plans for SelekTOR

Hi folks

Over the next 6 months or so my plan is to take SelekTOR open-source as in released under a GPL license.

Unfortunately due to the lack of sales im afraid I will be discontinuing the Windows version at that time as I have to go out of my way to support that version and without suitable recompense i’m not willing to do it anymore so short of sales suddenly picking up, im afraid it will go the way of the dodo.

The Linux version will be released under a GPL license.


SelekTOR 3.05h Released

This release includes an updated GEOIP data file.


SelekTOR for Windows Licenses are now available for purchase.

I am now happy with the stability and functionality of the Windows version of SelekTOR 3 and have now made it available for purchase.

My apologies for the time it has taken for me to get it stable, being a full time dad has eaten into the time I have available to work on my pet projects.


SelekTOR 3.05g Released

Just minor tweaks, memory optimisations and a general code cleanup.


SelekTOR 3.05f Released


1) Fixed testing cycle hanging.
2) Removed runtime limitation on Windows Trial version.
3) Removed unlicensed expiry on Windows Trial version.
4) Removed timed nag dialog on Windows Trial version.
5) The Windows Trial version now only has a single limitation (No BBC).


SelekTOR 3.05e Released

1) More fixes to improve circuit building.
2) Increased timeout on comms between SelekTOR and the Tor client as some command replies were being missed.


SelekTOR 3.05d Released

1) Some minor tweaks to circuit building which should slightly speed up node activation.
2) Some preparation work to switch from blacklisting to whitelisting in order to handle the filtering of
good geoblock bypass nodes more effectively which thankfully will also mean less frequent maintenance
work for me in the future as their seems to be quite a few nodes coming and going and keeping track can
be time consuming.
This should happen within the next couple of releases.


SelekTOR 3.05c Released

A few fixes on this one:

1) Made changes to the default settings applied to the Tor client on startup in order to prevent “No Circuits Available” appearing in all the testing threads which would prevent any further circuit testing/building from occurring.
I am monitoring this bug as its been a hard one to pin down, I have tested the fix over a period of 36 hours and so far it appears to work fine but if it should raise its ugly head up in the future, I have another fix ready and waiting to go.

2) Implemented blacklisting of nodes in Geoblock mode only in order to fix the BBC access problem.
To access the BBC and the other channels go into preferences and ensure the following options are unchecked “Stable Nodes Only”, “Allow Un-Named nodes” and ensure that “GeoBlock Mode, Recommended nodes only” is checked and click Apply.These measures will ensure that only nodes that work with the BBC will be made available in Geoblock bypass mode and hopefully for the majority restore access to the BBC’s iplayer.




SelekTOR 3.05b Released

This contains a large number of fixes, mostly related to stability/crashes etc.

Update 1:
I am currently testing a few solutions for the BBC access problem, so far the prospects are looking good and I have working access here in the USA, I will make the solution available once I am happy with it either in the form of an updated SelekTOR or via the remote blacklist mechanism.

Update 2:
I am still not happy with my various solutions to the BBC problem as yet.
The reliability is very intermittent and seems very dependent on just a select few nodes.
So in a nutshell no fixes as yet.


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