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SelekTOR V3.08 Released

See ChangeLog for fixes.

SelekTOR V3.07 Released

Some minor fixes and more code documentation, see ChangeLog for details.

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SelekTOR 3 News Update Regarding Windows Version


Some folks appear to be still wondering what happened to the Windows version, as I mentioned in my previous post it has been discontinued along with its additional remote services such as recommended geoblock nodes and pattern updates.

I did not mention the reason as to why I have taken this step, well the reasons are purely financial i’m basically broke and cannot afford the time and resources spent on maintaining the Windows version without financial reward which in the case of SelekTOR 3 was zero purchases out of the numerous times it was downloaded.

It takes a great deal of my time to produce the Windows version as it is mainly developed on Linux and then additional code and third party libraries are bolted on to support Windows and all this has to be tested on Win XP, Vista and Win 7 operating systems.
Then their is the hosting and bandwidth to be paid for.

So the Windows folks wondering where this app has gone well maybe you should of purchased licences as im afraid in this world “thank you for this great program and congrats on a great app” don’t pay bills no matter how much i appreciate it.

I would be willing if enough folks want it to make the Windows version available again but only to those who wish to purchase it, their will be no more trial versions.
So if you wish to purchase SelekTOR 3 for Windows then leave me notification of your interest using the
Contact Us section of the website, if 20 or more users are interested then I will put up a purchase link and provide an updated SelekTOR 3 for Windows to those who wish to purchase it.

The reason this does not affect the Linux version and why it still remains free and now open source as well is simple, by using Linux I get lots of great software, a virus free stable OS for all my needs without paying a single cent and I decided that in return for all this free stuff I should at the very minimum give something back to the Linux community in return and thus the free Linux version.


SelekTOR 3 now Open Source.

If you have been following my blog or the SelekTOR news posts here at Dazzleships you will know that I intended to take SelekTOR open source under the GPL 2 license and also discontinue the Windows version well I can now report that this has come to pass.

SelekTOR for Linux V3.06 and all its source code including the Netbeans build forms are now available for download on the SelekTOR page.

I have separated the Binary from the Source and made them separate downloads as over the next couple of months I will be continuously updating the Javadoc information contained within the Source download but without adding in any code to warrant a full version change.

The Javadocs information is about 85% complete and I will get the rest done when I can.

Alistair Neil

Future plans for SelekTOR

Hi folks

Over the next 6 months or so my plan is to take SelekTOR open-source as in released under a GPL license.

Unfortunately due to the lack of sales im afraid I will be discontinuing the Windows version at that time as I have to go out of my way to support that version and without suitable recompense i’m not willing to do it anymore so short of sales suddenly picking up, im afraid it will go the way of the dodo.

The Linux version will be released under a GPL license.


MaNGOLin V2.02 Released


1) Fixed multiple tray icons being spawned after a theme change restart.
2) General code cleanup, documentation etc


MaNGOLin V2.01 Released

1) Fixed minor bug to do with System themeing on Linux.

2) Entering a scriptdev database name in the Scriptdev database field during login is now optional, leave it blank if you don’t use a script database.The 2 functions associated with the Scriptdev database under File Management will be disabled.


MaNGOLin V2.00 Released


Well i’ve gone and released 2.xx series, I know I said I wouldn’t but it was either code or go nuts so here it is.

Lots of changes under the hood, code has been completely restructured making it far easier to modify and track down bugs in the future, this restructure is the biggest reason for the version number leap as I have been working on it for months.
Lots of bug fixes.
Portal Manager is still being a pain in the arse to maintain as finding unused teleport spell targets that work on all three servers is a nightmare, but it works for MaNGOS One and Two and has reduced functionality on MaNGOS Zero (No custom destinations allowed).

New Features:
1) Multiple server profiles can now be configured and quickly selected.
2) Now supports MaNGOS Zero, One and Two servers.
3) More themes courtesy of JTattoo.
4) Internationalisation is ongoing and if folks want to see own language versions of MaNGOLin then they are going to have to step up and take on some of the translation work.
Use the Contact Us if you wish to take on some of this work.
Otherwise I will just have to use some of the laughable stuff that Google translate provides.

MaNGOLin V1.07a Released



1) New native installer for Windows.

2) Windows 7 taskbar pinning support.

3) Fixed all remaining bugs in the Portal Manager so it now works again.

4) Portal name and faction can now be modified via in-line editing after the portal has been created.

5) Fixed a file closing error when backing up databases that would sometimes prevent deletion of backup files on Windows.

6) More structural changes for language support, for those who are editing the language files, the new files are stored in MaNGOLin_LanguagePack,jar in the lib folder of you application install location, this jar is a zip file in all but name and can be treated as such using a Zip manager of some description.

Language Files Modification Instructions for those brave enough:


Tested against Mangos 12444.


MaNGOLin V1.07 Released


1) Fixed bug in database SQL file restore, the database selection now works again and is no longer overridden by the SQL USE command within the SQL dump file.

2) Fixed Refresh Tables menu option which was permanently disabled in Database mode only.

3) Made changes to internal design to accommodate user alterable language files.

Language Files Modification Instructions for those brave enough:


DMCA Compliance