SelekTOR News

SelekTOR 3.12e For Windows released.

A new windows release that fixes a registration bug, that would prevent registration.

1) Ensure SelekTOR is not running.

2) Install update.

3) Start SelekTOR then proceed to register.



SelekTOR For Linux News

Hi Folks

I am currently moving the entire project over to a Debian style build structure which basically means that along with the standard linux tarball package a debian package is also on its way.
Its taking me some time to do this as this is my first ever attempt at building a .deb package and its not a trivial exercise but its getting there.
I tried a bunch of GUI debian package creation tools but quite frankly none of them are up to scratch so I ditched them and I am hand crafting everything.
Possibly looking at a release next week using the new packaging if everything goes well.


SelekTOR 3.12e for Linux Released

This release has a fix for an issue that prevented SelekTOR from starting up on some Debian based distros such as Siduction and SolydXK.
It doesn’t fix the error  but brings up a warning dialog indicating that you are missing the package libglib2.0-bin which needs to be installed for SelekTOR to function correctly.

So if you receive the error shown below on startup in the console on older releases of SelekTOR then install the package libglib2.0-bin.

Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.NullPointerException
at lib.OSFunction.getGnome3Pref(
at client.PacFactory.backupProxyPrefs(

Once that package is installed SelekTOR should be good go.



SelekTOR 3.12d Released

See changelog for fixes.


SelekTOR 3.12c For Linux Released

Some minor fixes, see changelog.


SelekTOR 3.12b For Windows Released

This is a 5 day limited trial version with some functionality restrictions.

I will try to synch future releases to the Linux version but since they are now separate code bases this may not always be possible.



SelekTOR 3.12b For Linux Released

Added back in the Default HTTP Proxy feature as requested, it can now be found under Network Settings on the Advanced Preferences tab.


SelekTOR 3.12a Released

Fixed some minor issues related to the Tor Client monitor, see changelog for details.

Windows Trial version is progressing well, it will definitely be ready tomorrow.


SelekTOR V3.12 Released

Lots of changes on this one all related to improving SelekTOR’s transparency and safety.

New preferences and preferences panel layout, due to the major modifications on preferences, your preferences will be reset to the safer defaults when you first run this new version.
Those who run mostly in Proxy by Pattern mode for bypassing web blocks might want to enable “Use 2 hop circuits” for improved latency but remember this will reduce your anonymity, this is only active in Proxy by Pattern mode, switching back to Proxy All traffic mode will use the Tor default of 3 hop circuits at all times.

The Windows version will be released tomorrow, and I have relented, so it will be a 5 day trial version on release.

Due to the number of significant changes on this please let me know if you have any issues so I can get them fixed asap.


SelekTOR Progress Update

The work on latest SelekTOR release is progressing well, this release will implement the features I was talking about in my previous SelekTOR News  post.

Here are some screenshots of what I have so far, all the stuff shown has been implemented and are working but I may add some more such as “Wipe Tor Cache on Exit” although i’m not strictly convinced that this is necessary as their is nothing of interest within the cache files and the only thing they indicate is that you use Tor which is pretty obvious anyways, plus it slows down Tor startup but it is still under consideration and nothing has been ruled out, if folks would like to see other Tor client specific features added then just add a comment by clicking the comment bubble to this post.


Not sure when I will have all this ready as a lot of peripheral stuff still needs to be done such as language translations and updated help file, but at least you know what’s in the pipeline.


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