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My opinion on the “Dark Web” busts.

You may have already seen the latest news regarding the “Dark Web” their name for it not mine.

To me this is good news, I don’t have much love for that area of the web and actually wish it didn’t exist as it pretty much gives Tor a bad reputation or at least it provides others not enamoured of tor with a stick to beat it with, wrongly or rightly.

This significantly overwhelms the multitude of good uses for which Tor can be used.

So i’m glad that some folks FBI, NCA etc. are cracking down on the criminal side of things going on in there as to be honest I think the onion domains needs its own policing service to shutdown some of the most obvious of the criminal activities even though I realise that may be near impossible to do or at least a fairly gargantuan task due to the nature of hidden services.

What I don’t believe is that Tor itself has been compromised, I think it was either human error or the authorities followed the money trail but hopefully once the charges come out in court all will be made clear.
Regardless of how they did it, at least that’s a few more bad guys out of the picture just a shame that more will take their place pretty much within hours.

To me the logical extension of what is happening is if these criminal activities continue, expand and flourish then the folks in charge are just going to say stuff it were not wasting any more resources on this and ban Tor usage outright and anyone caught using it regardless of what they are using it for are just going to end up doing a lengthy spell in gaol.

In my view that time may be approaching rapidly, and I honestly hope it doesn’t come to pass.

Or I could be just plain wrong.



Not well

Turns out it wasn’t lack of sleep that was making me feel crappy and make mistakes, i’m sick caught something from a little 6 year old germ carrier who apparently is my son :)

Anyways my throat has swelled up and the headaches have put an end to me doing any software work for the time being so the Windows update I was going to work on will now be delayed and won’t appear next weekend.

My apologies, hopefully I will feel better in a couple of days.


SelekTOR 3 now Open Source.

If you have been following my blog or the SelekTOR news posts here at Dazzleships you will know that I intended to take SelekTOR open source under the GPL 2 license and also discontinue the Windows version well I can now report that this has come to pass.

SelekTOR for Linux V3.06 and all its source code including the Netbeans build forms are now available for download on the SelekTOR page.

I have separated the Binary from the Source and made them separate downloads as over the next couple of months I will be continuously updating the Javadoc information contained within the Source download but without adding in any code to warrant a full version change.

The Javadocs information is about 85% complete and I will get the rest done when I can.

Alistair Neil

Caledonia Computers is now Dazzleships Dot Net

Welcome to Dazzleships Dot Net the new home of the soon to be defunct

The reason for the change is rationalisation of the domains I currently own, basically the more I get rid of the more cash I save and less management issues, so cheap and lazy about sums up this Scot if I was also drunk I would be the perfect stereotype but the lack of cash prevents that.

If you notice any references to Caledonia on this website please let me know as I may well have missed a few in the rebranding.

Please remember to update your bookmarks.


OMD Metroland

The latest single from OMD, I just cant stop playing the damned thing its hypnotic and catchy.

Music video of the moment: The Fall, Gary Numan

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