Watch British TV abroad for free on Linux. (Updated 12 April 2014)

SelekTOR 3 for Linux allows you to watch online content provided by UK TV companies from anywhere in the world, so for those travellers that have paid their license fee and suddenly find they can’t get the latest depressing episode of Eastenders from their hotel room then this is for you.

The technical bit (you can skip this if your not interested in how it works and desparately need to find out what Dot Cotton is up to).
SelekTOR uses the Tor client to access the Tor network and the upshot of this is that some of your web traffic dictated by URL patterns is effectively given a new IP address via a Socks proxy based on the exit country you select, in this case the UK, and thus bypass the web block for more in depth information on Tor see The Tor Project.

Ok lets get everything installed:

1) Install Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Chromium browser if you haven’t already, please note Chrome & Chromium will only work on the Gnome 2 & 3, Unity and KDE 4 desktops due to the way Chrome implements its proxy settings, other desktops such as XFCE, LXDE should use Firefox instead.

2) Install the latest Adobe Flash Player as you will need it to actually view the media content, this may also be supplied with your distro so check in your Software Centre or Package Manager first.

3) Install the Tor client, It will probably be supplied with your distro so check in your Software Centre or Package Manager first, otherwise you may be able to download it from here, please do not install the Vidalia package as it may interfere with SelekTOR depending on how its configured.
The chances are that once Tor is installed on your distro it will be installed as a service, you may want to disable this to save on memory usage although it won’t normally have any effect on SelekTOR.

4) Ensure the latest Java Runtime (JRE) is installed on your distro, requires Java 7 or OpenJDK 7.

5) Now download and install SelekTOR 3 for Linux, its free, extract the contents and install from a console see the Readme for installation instructions.

6) Go to your Applications menu and you will find the SelekTOR menu item under Internet.

7) Select GB, Great Britain (UK)  as your exit country, once a Tor exit node becomes active, fire up your browser and you should now be able to access previously unaccessible content from BBC Iplayer, ITV Player, STV Player, Channel 4OD.

8) For best performance wait for SelekTOR to complete its first node testing cycle at which time you will be assigned to the fastest performing tor exit node and your browser experience will be far more responsive.

9) Troubleshooting tips if you should have problems:
Ensure no other proxy add-ons such as Foxyproxy are enabled.
Ensure that if you have Vidalia installed that it is disabled.
Ensure that your browsers proxy settings are set to “Use System Proxy settings” in the case of Firefox and in Chrome that none of the proxy options are selected.
See the SelekTOR page, for more detailed instructions if you need them.