SelekTOR V2.10 Released

Implemented remote blacklisting so I can filter out bad exit nodes that report incorrect routing which would on occasion cause media streaming access failures on various UK media sites.
With remote blacklisting enabled SelekTOR will now check to see if the node has been blacklisted by Dazzleships Dot Net so that only recommended nodes are used.
This has greatly reduced the chances of a “This site is not available in your country” messages from occurring when UK is selected as the exit country.
This feature currently only works with UK sites.

As is usual this feature can be disabled in preferences, if you wish to do your own local blacklisting.

Their is also a new pattern file available which now re-enables access to the following sites from the UK:

The Pirate Bay
Kickass Torrents

To access these sites from the UK, just select Germany, USA or Sweden as your exit country and browse as normal.