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New releases of SelekTOR are up.

New releases of SelekTOR for Linux and Windows are now available for download. It’s been a hell of chore getting these out with DDOS  of the last few days  on the webserver and then this morning my video card threw in the towel, not surprising really it was an ancient NV6800 but still a right […]

SelekTOR 3.13.55 For Linux Released

Various bug fixes see changelog. Regards Alistair

SelekTOR 3.13.54 For Linux Released

Hi Folks New release of SelekTOR for Linux, just a minor typo fix and a new man page see changelog as usual for details. Update: To those who noticed that the SHA’s don’t match, my apologies, I forgot to update them. They are now fixed. Regards Alistair

SelekTOR 3.13.50 For Windows Released

This release brings the Windows version into feature parity with the current Linux release. Sorry for the big delay on this one, being hospitalised kinda has that effect Enjoy! Alistair Neil

Out of hospital

I forgot to update my previous post, just letting you know that I have been released from hospital but I am still recovering or at least I hope I’m recovering. I hope to be functional soon but that might just be wishful thinking. Regards Alistair Neil

SelekTOR 3.13.53 For Linux Released

Hi Folks Made some very minor changes related to JComboBox objects code generated by Netbeans 8.0.2 due to the legacy Java 6 non generic code it was generating which cause a few easily ignored compiler warnings well that’s all fixed now and you can expect flawless compiles without having to use the suppress warning cop […]


Dazzle Ships in this case refers to the album released by the best band to come out of the Wirral/Liverpool, I of course refer to OMD, and not the Beatles.


Dazzle also refers to a style of camouflage used on naval vessels during WWI & II. Please note this site nor myself have any affiliation with OMD other than being one of their fan boys. This website is the direct result of Alistair Neil's warbling when he isn't being a full time dad to the cutest toddler on the planet.