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MaNGOLin is a standalone (does not require a webserver) administration frontend for the MaNGOS (Massive Network Game Object Server).
MaNGOLin is not a GUI restarter its main function is remote administration to be run on a separate machine other than the host server although it will run perfectly well on the same machine as your host server.
MaNGOLin was originally designed to run on Linux but now also runs on Windows 7/Vista/XP and it is available for free under the GPL 2 License, all source code is included.




Latest version of MaNGOLin is compatible with the MaNGOS Zero, One and Two Servers.
Additional requirements Java runtime 7, or OpenJDK7 V1.7.


Server Features:

  • Multiple server profiles.
  • Message of the day
  • Announce
  • Notify
  • Send Mass Mail, Items and Gold
  • Shutdown Now
  • Delayed Shutdown
  • Shutdown with idle
  • Player limits
  • Save all players
  • Load scripts
  • Clear corpses
  • DB Table Reload
  • Clean & Optimise database.

Account Features:

  • Account creation, editing and delete.
  • Last login filter for cleaning up old accounts
  • IP and Account banning.
  • Admin level settings
  • Expansion setting
  • Password setting

Character Features:

  • Character copying, pasting between accounts includes renaming if required.
  • Kick
  • Ban
  • Teleport
  • Send Message
  • Send Money
  • Send Mail
  • Send Items
  • Portal Creator/Manager
  • Revive
  • Safe Revive
  • Reset Options
  • Repair Items
  • Viewing and deletion of tickets.
  • Filter options on character table such as Tickets, Race, Class.

Database Maintenance:

  • Save & Restore Realm, Mangos, Characters, Scriptdev and Custom Portals created with the Portal Manager
  • Scheduled daily backup of any or all databases.
  • User selectable backup folder.


  • Theme Selection.
  • System tray functionality.
  • Hide to tray at startup.
  • Command Reference Guide
  • Help page.



1) Ensure Java 7 or OpenJDK 1.7 Runtime installed.
2) Ensure your MaNGOS server is running and is configured correctly to allow remote access.
This means that the Ra.Enable entry in the MaNGOS configuration file should be set to 1.
3) Check any firewall settings that may block the ports you are using.
The default port for MySql is 3306, and the default for Remote access is 3443.
4) Ensure your MySql server is setup to allow access from the machine you installed MaNGOLin on.
5) Ensure you have a valid in-game administrator account with security level 4 on the Mangos server, required for access to all the remote functionality provided by MaNGOLin.
6) Download and install MaNGOLin.