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SelekTOR 3.13.71 For Linux Released

Well here it is the release I have been promising for many weeks is now done.

Lots of changes and fixes, a lot of fixes are for the KDE 5 desktop.

Due to the number of changes I did extensive testing on a lot of distros, so the release has been tested on Linux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon/Xfce/Mate, Ubuntu LTS (Unity), Ubuntu Gnome LTS, KUbuntu LTS (KDE5), PCLinuxOS (KDE4), Debian

Added Credits page so if you would like to see your name here for supporting SelekTOR then pop over to our Patreon page, see Patreon Support link at the top of this website.



  1. Andrew Andrew
    February 20, 2017    

    In previous version og SelekTor was an “Activate Node” function, but in new version it’s not.
    Thanks in advance!

    • February 20, 2017    

      It was removed in favour of the Favourites mechanism which is simpler and more efficient as it covers more possible selection scenarios.
      If you want to select one single node then use the Clear Favourites button then favourite one single node and it will activate about 2 seconds after favouriting it.
      This replaces the old manual selection system.

      You can find all this information to changes made in the changelog


      • Andrew Andrew
        February 21, 2017    

        It’s clear. but in my humble opinion, “Activate node” function was very useful, because I can keep in Favorites nodes a few nodes from one country ( for example) and with “Activate mode” i can choose one node from favorite list and not clear Favorite nodes list…
        Anyway, SelekTor is great program, all hail to the author!)
        P.S. I will work on old 3-13-69 version.

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