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SelekTOR Development Update

Hi Folks

First off, My development PC is back up and running thanks to a hardware donation from my friend Ian Johnston, thank you Ian.

Due to lack of money SelekTOR 3 will not be seeing any new features added, from now on it’s just bug fixes and maintenance only on both platforms.

Work has begun on SelekTOR 4 and is in very early alpha stages but whether it ever see’s the light of day on Linux is doubtful due to the lack of donations, I have a family to support and without cold hard cash their is just no way I can continue to justify working on SelekTOR.
If Windows sales of SelekTOR 3 should ever pick up their is a chance SelekTOR 4 might appear on that platform but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

A bug fix release of SelekTOR is coming in the next week or so to both platforms.

You will have also noticed that my G+ is gone, I just couldn’t be bothered with it, social media has never really been my thing.

Alistair Neil

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