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SelekTOR News Update

I am currently working on an update 3.13.71 for SelekTOR which will have a quite a few changes.

First off I will be removing the auto selection mode, as all its current functionality can be achieved using the favourites system.

Secondly I’m adding an option to the Exit Country list which will allow Tor to choose the exit country, this allows the user to have Tor handle all choices which is very close to the Tor clients default mode of operation when it is run standalone with a few minor differences in that the nodes it chooses will still be filtered for http/https functionality and it will also use any user specified guard nodes, obviously if no guard nodes are specified then Tor will choose those also.

Overall SelekTOR usage will be simplified whilst maintaining and improving functionality.

I have still made no final decision on what I’m going to do with the SelekTOR 4 work that I have done its future is still undecided.

Total monetary donations for 2016 currently stand at $4, I would like to thank the two donors responsible, it’s already gone towards keeping Dazzleships up and SelekTOR available for another month.



  1. bonbonboi bonbonboi
    December 28, 2016    

    I stopped using it, since it needs java, heavy client compared to the standalone tor version.

    • December 28, 2016    

      Although Java does have a heavy footprint its benefits outweigh its negatives.

      It was chosen for its cross-platform support for which it does a great job, and if you need the ability to select exit country without the hassles of editing the Tor config, SelekTOR is still one of the better tools for the job and runs well on low spec machines I know this because all I have is low spec machines it doesn’t get much lower than an Athlon X64 dual core with 2GB ram circa 10 years ago. The majority of folk have a lot better than this today..

      Of course if your machine does not have the resources available to run SelekTOR then running Tor stand alone is definitely the way to go but you will lose flexibility and ease of use.


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