Niche software to go.

SelekTOR now has a Patreon Page

Hi Folks

In my ongoing but so far futile attempts at acquiring financial support in order to maintain future development of SelekTOR for Linux, I have created a Patreon account for SelekTOR.

If you can help out, this is your chance to do so, I would love to save SelekTOR on Linux and continue my work on SelekTOR 4 but this won’t happen without your support.


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Dazzle Ships in this case refers to the album released by the best band to come out of the Wirral/Liverpool, I of course refer to OMD, and not the Beatles.


Dazzle also refers to a style of camouflage used on naval vessels during WWI & II. Please note this site nor myself have any affiliation with OMD other than being one of their fan boys.