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MaNGOLin Discontinued

Due to simple lack of any support by users of MaNGOLin it has now been discontinued and you only have yourselves to blame, zero donations in god knows how many years is simply just taking the piss. Regards Alistair Neil

MaNGOLin V2.02 Released

Changes: 1) Fixed multiple tray icons being spawned after a theme change restart. 2) General code cleanup, documentation etc Cheers Bannor

MaNGOLin V2.01 Released

1) Fixed minor bug to do with System themeing on Linux. 2) Entering a scriptdev database name in the Scriptdev database field during login is now optional, leave it blank if you don’t use a script database.The 2 functions associated with the Scriptdev database under File Management will be disabled. Cheers Bannor

MaNGOLin V2.00 Released

  Well i’ve gone and released 2.xx series, I know I said I wouldn’t but it was either code or go nuts so here it is. Changes: Lots of changes under the hood, code has been completely restructured making it far easier to modify and track down bugs in the future, this restructure is the […]

MaNGOLin V1.07a Released

  Changes: 1) New native installer for Windows. 2) Windows 7 taskbar pinning support. 3) Fixed all remaining bugs in the Portal Manager so it now works again. 4) Portal name and faction can now be modified via in-line editing after the portal has been created. 5) Fixed a file closing error when backing up […]

MaNGOLin V1.07 Released

Changes: 1) Fixed bug in database SQL file restore, the database selection now works again and is no longer overridden by the SQL USE command within the SQL dump file. 2) Fixed Refresh Tables menu option which was permanently disabled in Database mode only. 3) Made changes to internal design to accommodate user alterable language […]


Dazzle Ships in this case refers to the album released by the best band to come out of the Wirral/Liverpool, I of course refer to OMD, and not the Beatles.


Dazzle also refers to a style of camouflage used on naval vessels during WWI & II. Please note this site nor myself have any affiliation with OMD other than being one of their fan boys. This website is the direct result of Alistair Neil's warbling when he isn't being a full time dad to the cutest toddler on the planet.