SelekTOR 3, Tor Exit Node Selection Made Simple

SelekTOR is an open source (GPL2) Java based GUI frontend for the Tor Client.

SelekTOR IS NOT I REPEAT IS NOT a replacement for the Tor Browser, if you are looking for a full comprehensive anonymity package then use Tor Browser as their are so many ways to figure out your real IP via javascript etc. that just routing all your traffic via Tor is just not enough.
SelekTOR is just a glorified Tor launcher and exit node chooser for browsers that support system proxying using PAC files.

Advantages To Using SelekTOR :

1) Greatly simplifies the usage and configuration of Tor in client mode, SelekTOR does most of the hard stuff for you.

2) You can quickly select Tor exit nodes by country.

3) SelekTOR can continuously monitor and maintain a connection to the exit node with the best response time, with as little downtime as possible.

4) As well as proxying all traffic through the active Tor node, SelekTOR can also do selective routing of traffic through the active tor node based on URL patterns.

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SelekTOR 3.xx Features.
  • Support for Google Chrome, Chromium, Opera, Palemoon, Mozilla Firefox, without the need for add-ons.
  • Now supports non-unique (Un-named) nodes giving a greater selection of nodes that previously available with SelekTOR 2
  • Nodes are now filtered to ensure that they support HTTP on port 80, and thus ensuring greater reliability when used with web browsers.
  • Whois and Atlas Node details (pretty graphs) available with a single mouse click..
  • Needs very little configuration, the installation defaults will work for most people out of the box.
  • Currently runs on  most Linux desktops XFCE, LXDE, Gnome 2, Gnome 3 Shell, KDE4, Unity.
  • Works with DockbarX on Linux.
  • Built in proxy pattern editor, Import and Export pattern files as a single zip file.
  • Requires Oracle Java 7 or OpenJRE 1.7 supplied with your Linux distro, please ensure this is installed before installing SelekTOR.
  • Requires the Tor package to be installed this should be supplied with your distro.
Download :


Links to User Submitted Patterns:

Patterns for some popular UK sites. BitTorrent  HTTP

Users can now submit their own pattern files for sharing here on Dazzleships, all submissions will be validated before being listed.
Submissions are not logged and no identifying info is contained in the submission other than the URL link and description.
Pattern files are not hosted by Dazzleships and are merely links to third party file sharing websites or torrent files.


Instructions and Troubleshooting:

SelekTOR for Linux requires that your Linux distro has Tor or better installed.

1) Install and run the browser of your choice Firefox, Palemoon or Chrome.

2) Ensure that Firefox,Palemoon or Chrome are configured to use the operating system settings for proxying.

To do this in Firefox or Palemoon, from the menu bar go to Edit >> Preferences >> Advanced and click the Settings button on the Network Tab, Use system proxy settings should be selected.

To do this in Chrome/Chromium, from the spanner go to Options >> Under the Hood >> Network >> Change Proxy Settings >> Connections >> LAN Settings and ensure that all the options are unchecked.
If you are using Chromium on KDE then leave the proxy settings as they are as SelekTOR will modify them as necessary.

3) Ensure latest Java (JRE) runtime is installed (VERY IMPORTANT)

4) Ensure the latest stable version of the TOR client is installed on your distro, If your distro does not come with TOR in its software repository then as a last resort it can be obtained here.
Once Tor is installed you should disable the Tor service in whatever your distro uses to modify boot/system Services.
Also ensure that Vidalia is not installed.

5) If you previously had SelekTOR 2 installed then make sure SelekTOR 2 is not running then uninstall it. (VERY IMPORTANT)

6) Extract the tarball and enter the folder you extracted it to and follow the instructions in the Readme file.

Known Issues:

Javaembeddedframe appears in taskbar on Cinnamon desktop, only way to disable it is to disable tray icon feature.
Mageia with KDE4: Use Chromium instead of Firefox.
LXDE & XFCE: Use Firefox or Palemoon instead of Chromium as Chromium lacks proper proxying support on those desktops.

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