Server Information:

Name: Shadow’s Funhouse A21.2
Server Manager: TheJoiCirkit
Discord Manager: Shadowwave
In Game Bot: CSMM
IP :
Port: 26900
Difficulty Level: 5
PvE: No Killing
Drop on Death: Nothing
XP Gain: 100%
Loot Respawn: Every 3 in-game days
Loot Abundance: 100%
Landclaims Allowed: 6
Landclaim Duration: 30 realtime days, no decay, no player damage.
Landclaim Size: 61 Blocks
DayNight Length: 80 mins

Active Admins can be found in-game and on Discord.
Server Live Map
You can vote for the server at
We also have a Discord server which you can join by clicking here

Static Map

Free player base saves on request.

Server Donations:

Please let an admin in game or on Discord channel know that you have made a purchase, thank you.
All subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime through your PayPal account.

Purchase a one off base import for $10.
Player supplies the raw base files to the Admin for cleaning, editing and importation. (Must be a Discord Group Member)

Purchase 5 SF Learning elixirs for $4.
SF Learning Elixirs give you a 20% extra XP gain for 1 hour, excellent for use on a horde night. (Must be a Discord Group Member)

Tier 1: Monthly Subscription of $5
Reserved slot for Server access during high traffic times.
Up to 6 personal teleports.
SF Paintbrush
SF Nailgun, Ultimate do it all tool.

Tier 2: Monthly Subscription of $10
All the benefits of Tier 1.
Up to 12 personal teleports.
SF Armour
SF Weapons
Your own hostile free protection bubble and trader.