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SelekTOR 3.13.65 For Linux released.

One major bug fix in this release regarding expired nodes causing SelekTOR to hang this occurred when a node which was verified to be in the local cache but had disappeared from the Tor network causing a null pointer exception and hang to occur just after nodelist generation. This was a major issue especially if […]

SelekTOR 3.13.54 for Windows Released

Hi folks in Windows land, a new release is up. Ships with the newest Tor client See changelog for details. Regards Alistair

SelekTOR 3.13.64 For Linux Released

See changelog for details Regards Alistair

SelekTOR News

Unfortunately I managed to introduce a regression into the last Linux release (3.13.63) which when it encounters a node that where all routers are down during the testing phase the testing phase aborts. I have already fixed it, but don’t have the time to thoroughly test it this weekend so it will be late Monday […]

SelekTOR 3.13.63 Released

Hi Folks The release fixes a dependency install issue on the latest Ubuntu, plus some other minor fixes. Regards Alistair

SelekTOR 3.13.62 Released

Hi Folks New release out which addresses and fixes the following issue: Now that SelekTOR has moved into Debian, I will be keeping a close eye on Debian bug tracking in the future. See changelog as usual for details. Regards Alistair


Dazzle Ships in this case refers to the album released by the best band to come out of the Wirral/Liverpool, I of course refer to OMD, and not the Beatles.


Dazzle also refers to a style of camouflage used on naval vessels during WWI & II. Please note this site nor myself have any affiliation with OMD other than being one of their fan boys. This website is the direct result of Alistair Neil's warbling when he isn't being a full time dad to the cutest toddler on the planet.