selektor (3.13.73) stable; urgency=low

  * Removed Patreon support.
    - Improved responsiveness of menu selection and opening of dialogs, not a
      real problem on Linux but Win 10 was awful for some reason.
    - Fixed bug in patterns export if a pattern storage file exceeded 2k in size 
      it would be corrupted inside zip file, likelyhood of happening though was 
      incredibly slim due to the very small size of pattern files, I only 
      noticed it when I reused the code in another app that had much larger files 
      to compress.
      This is the final Linux release.

selektor (3.13.72) stable; urgency=low

  * Removed WARN_UNSAFE option as it is about to be deprecated in the tor client
    and it is now considered to be unsafe to unset it.
    - Removed setListenAddress as it is also soon to be deprecated in the tor
      client, connection sockets are now hardcoded to localhost
    - Modified the debian package control file based on some changes made by
      the debian downstream packager as he is way better at it than me :)

selektor (3.13.71) stable; urgency=low

  * Removed auto selection mode, retained all functionality using just the 
    favourites mode
    - Removed dbl clicking node selection and activate node functionality from
      exit table, all node activation handled by favourite selection       
    - Changed No Proxy to Disabled, SelekTOR will no longer exert any control
      over the system proxy in this mode and it will be returned to its initial
      state prior to SelekTOR starting up, users will be required to manually 
      configure their browser proxy settings in this mode.
    - Moved GEOIP update file outside of Cloudflare's influence to make
      its download more reliable, no more download fail due to captcha.
    - Moved the online version tracking file outside Cloudflare's influence to 
      make update available checking more reliable no more version check
      fail due to captcha.
    - Updated copyright dates to reflect new year in all files
    - Updated language and help files
    - Added credits window, accessible from Help > Credits
    - The online help files are now deprecated, Help Contents now opens the
      locally supplied help files in the default browser, this again is to
      avoid Cloudflares influence
    - Made the UI slightly wider for 2 reasons, first to fit the Support button
      and second folks are creating some tor nodes with rather large names so
      I have increased the size of the node name fields to accommodate this.
    - Large number of gtk fixes for better themeing under gtk2 & 3
    - Added in some key accelerators to menus
    - Fixes for KDE's own system proxying mechanism, this fixes Chrome and 
      Chromium functionality under KDE
    - Disabled tray functionality on KDE5 as they went and broke legacy system 
      tray support for no good reason.
    - Changed to xdg-open mechanism to handle opening of default docs on
      Linux as java inbuilt support is broken on KDE.
    - Remove link to as the site fails to load with the majority of 
    - Fixed KDE5 Plasma desktop detection
    - Fixed active pac not updating on a pattern change.

selektor (3.13.70) stable; urgency=low

  * Added function to access cached processes to OSFunction class.
    - Modified getVersion() function in TorProcess class to prevent possible 
      startup issue.
    - Added some additional debug output at --debug-fine level to provide
      information on current running processes.

selektor (3.13.69) stable; urgency=low

  * Fixed neverending launch indicator on various linux docks, when SelekTOR
    is configured for hide to tray.
    - Modified how Tor client version is obtained and separated it from the 
      hash password generator code to workaround some Windows client issues.
    - Implemented a new internal tor hash password generator instead of making
      a process call to the tor client as its faster.
    - Fixed bug preventing SelekTOR startup on Fedora 24 due to Tor version 
      detection issue.
    - Fixed license dialog showing blank contents on Fedora 24.

selektor (3.13.68) stable; urgency=low

  * Fixed always starting on login as reported in Debian bug tracking #826616
    This was down to some changes I made to CLI parsing when I re-arranged
    the startup code back in 3.13.66 which affected how the --update-disable
    option was handled.
    - Also fixed 2 other CLI command issues related to the startup code changes.

selektor (3.13.67) stable; urgency=low

  * Fixed issue with favourites not always being applied correctly due to the
    test status of a node being unknown.
    - Cleaned up a bunch of unused declarations left over from the Utilities 
      class after moving the code into GTKFixes class
    - Added multiple window close actions to dialogs to ensure correct closing
      action depending on if a dialog is closed using a button or from the

selektor (3.13.66) stable; urgency=low

  * Fixed issue when Autoselect is disabled the last manually set exit node
     was being used regardless of country selected.
     - Slightly re-arranged startup code to simplify initialisation.
     - Fixed a possible proxy setting issue which didn't seem to cause any
       problem in normal usage certainly no one reported it, but I found one 
       test case where it could feasibly be an issue, before doing a proxy 
       restore I had a check to see if the proxy setting URL pointed to a local 
       file and if it existed then i restored the settings otherwise I put the 
       settings back to their system defaults forgetting that the URL could
       also point to an offsite http location so now I just restore the original
       settings regardless.