SelekTOR V3.11c Released

Had to modify the startup sequence due to a problem that exhibited itself on a very old PC (Pentium 3 based laptop), its lack of oomph caused a startup conflict with the internet access code resulting in the Tor client continuously failing to start.

See changelog for other issues.


SelekTOR V3.11b Released

More Fixes:

1) Some French language fixes.
2) Improved UI scaling for language differences.
3) For those helping with langauge files, the property files can now be edited with most editors gedit, Notepad++ and the special unicode characters will now be taken care of without the need for conversion by SelekTOR as long as you include the following line in your local properties file :



SelekTOR 3.11a Released

Some minor French language fixes.

Should also add that I am working on getting a translated countries list as well so that will be forthcoming but for the moment I am concentrating on getting the Windows release done.
After that the French countries list will get done.


SelekTOR V3.11 Released with French language support.

I am happy to announce the release of the French language version of SelekTOR for Linux, I had planned to release this on SelekTOR’s 5th birthday next month but I decided it was too good to hold back.
This has been made possible with the gracious help of SelekTOR user yahoe001 who provided the translations.


For SelekTOR’s birthday next month I plan to re-release the Windows version once I have brought it up to the same level as the Linux version although they are now completely separate code-bases.
The Windows release will be license purchase only, no trial version, English only for the moment and closed source.

A video tutorial for SelekTOR can be found here:


SelekTOR 3.10d Released

My apologies for this very quick release after the previous one but an issue has arisen that I wanted to address quickly.

Some folks may find themselves receiving the Internet Access Un-Available message due to some changes I made to some of the network code.
I had a feeling those changes were going to come back and bite me on the bum, maybe I should listen to my feelings more.

Hopefully this release should fix it.

If you continue to have Internet Access issues with it after installing then let me know and I will fully revert the network code back to 3.10b.



SelekTOR 3.10c Released

Hi Folks

New release which everyone should upgrade to, especially those who use Tor provided by the official Tor Repositories.

Fixed a bug in my Tor version checking code which prevents SelekTOR startup if used with any Tor development release, 2.5.8-rc being a prime example or when used with Tor nightlies.

As usual see changelog for other info.


SelekTOR V3.10b Released

Bunch of bug fixes mostly related to localisation and UI scaling issues.
One security bug, related to not using 3 hop circuits when in proxy all traffic mode if the Use Recommended Nodes preference was unchecked for most it shouldn’t of been a problem as it defaults to checked on first run, everyone should upgrade to this version due to this issue.

See changelog as usual.


SelekTOR V3.10a Released

A minor bug fix release, their was a spelling error in the default language file that caused an incorrect status message to be displayed.


SelekTOR V3.10 Released

Hi Folks

Another day another release, the major change on this is that I have added localisation support although only English GB & US are currently implemented.
Will need to add other translated language files to provide support for other countries so for those that are interested in contributing if you extract the tar.gz you will find the language pack in the lib folder.
Its a jar file which is basically a zip file with ambitions and can be opened and the contents edited by any good archiver app on linux.
I have included empty stub files for some of the more common languages.

You can find user submitted links to patterns on the main SelekTOR page and it is my hope that users will submit their own patterns for inclusion in this list, submissions are not logged and no identifying info is contained in the submission other than the URL link and description.
Existing users may want to save their existing default patterns for safe keeping as Dazzleships does not host any pattern files and will not be hosting any pattern files in the foreseeable future.

See changelog for more details and other fixes.

Alistair Neil

SelekTOR V3.09 Released

Changed Geoblock Recommended Nodes over from blacklisting to a whitelisting mechanism which makes my life a whole lot easier and significantly improves SelekTOR’s effectiveness.

More documentation done.

Edit Update:
With the latest patterns, the Tor Routing Check will now only work if you are in Anonymous mode, this is to avoid confusion between Geoblock mode where only some traffic is routed via Tor and Anonymous mode where all traffic is routed via Tor.

Also be aware SelekTOR IS NOT I REPEAT IS NOT a replacement for the Tor Browser, if you are looking for full anonymity then use Tor Browser as their are so many ways to figure out your real IP via javascript etc. that just routing all your traffic via Tor is just not enough.


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