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SelekTOR 3.13.72 For Linux Released

New release up with some minor changes due to some features being deprecated in future releases of the Tor client. GEOIP was updated today Friday 14th April so you should do an GEOIP update. Windows version should be out Monday 17th April See changelog as usual for details.

SelekTOR 3.13.60 For Windows Released

New release out which brings the Windows release up to parity with the Linux release and also includes the latest Tor stable 0.299. See changelog for details. Regards Alistair

SelekTOR 3.13.71 For Linux Released

Well here it is the release I have been promising for many weeks is now done. Lots of changes and fixes, a lot of fixes are for the KDE 5 desktop. Due to the number of changes I did extensive testing on a lot of distros, so the release has been tested on Linux Mint […]

SelekTOR now has a Patreon Page

Hi Folks In my ongoing but so far futile attempts at acquiring financial support in order to maintain future development of SelekTOR for Linux, I have created a Patreon account for SelekTOR. If you can help out, this is your chance to do so, I would love to save SelekTOR on Linux and continue my […]

SelekTOR News Update

I am currently working on an update 3.13.71 for SelekTOR which will have a quite a few changes. First off I will be removing the auto selection mode, as all its current functionality can be achieved using the favourites system. Secondly I’m adding an option to the Exit Country list which will allow Tor to […]

SelekTOR Debian Package Corruption

Some users have reported that the debian package is corrupted and no longer recognized as a valid Debian package. This was due to it being corrupted somehow by my download manager plugin. I have rebuilt all packages and updated the SHA’s and fixed the download corruption issue, so if you experienced being unable to install […]


Dazzle Ships in this case refers to the album released by the best band to come out of the Wirral/Liverpool, I of course refer to OMD, and not the Beatles.


Dazzle also refers to a style of camouflage used on naval vessels during WWI & II. Please note this site nor myself have any affiliation with OMD other than being one of their fan boys.