SelekTOR 3.12-8 for Linux Released

Hi Folks

Fixed “Bad Package” message issued by Ubuntu Software Centre installer.
Very little in the way of code changes in this one, just added a dummy class to stop lintian complaining about the codeless languages jar.


SelekTOR For Linux Bad Package Message

Hi Folks

If you are installing the SelekTOR debian package using Ubuntu Software Center or one of its derivatives you may see the “Bad Package” message, you can safely ignore this message.
It is strictly confined to Ubuntu Software Centre if you use apt-get, gdebi or Synaptic your are fine.

The reason for the message is because the package does not contain an Installed-Size option, ie the size of the package contents once its installed on you system.
I have already fixed this issue and will be releasing new packages soon.

Thanks go to user Serag4000 for bringing it to my attention.

I’m very new to Debian packaging but hope to get a lot better.


SelekTOR 3.12-7 Released For Linux

Hi Folks

Turns out that my new packaging wasn’t so hot, things such as the autostart not being removed on uninstall for a start.
Also fixed some issues with the proxy configuration.
See changelog for full details.

Highly recommend that you update to this one.

For folks who had bad proxy messages on startup and no longer wish to use SelekTOR you can cleanup your proxy settings by installing this release of SelekTOR, then briefly run SelekTOR and then select Quit from the SelekTOR menu, once its shutdown your proxy settings should be restored to normal at which point you can safely uninstall SelekTOR.

If the above does not solve your issue you can reset your proxies to their system defaults by installing SelekTOR (DO NOT start it) and then from a console.

selektor --default-proxy

That will bring up a window telling you its about to reset the system proxies to their default, click Continue and that is it.
You can safely uninstall SelekTOR at this point.

For more SelekTOR command line options, from a console just type

selektor --help



SelekTOR V3.12g Released for Windows

Hi Folks

This release brings the Windows version up to the same code fitness level and feature parity as the Linux release.


1) Fixed Tor failing to restart if listenport was changed.
2) Fixed failing to immediately shutdown the main tor thread on quit, not a huge issue as Tor is configured to shut down itself if it no longer sees the SelekTOR client running but this fix speeds up the process.
3) Modified UI layout to match that of the Linux release.


Why does SelekTOR access Google? and SelekTOR 3.12-6 Released

First out of the bag today SelekTOR 3.12-6 is released which fixes Tor failing to restart if listenport was changed, also fixed failing to shutdown a single tor thread on quit.

Secondly I have been seeing this question turn up as to why folks are seeing DNS queries being issued by SelekTOR to the Google domain.

Explanation Follows:

When SelekTOR starts up it does a latency check of 3 websites, and to determine whether it can reach the internet.
It tests google first and as long as google answers within 3 seconds then the URL is used to provide the latency checking, if it were to fail it would then try bing and then opendns, but this rarely happens so Google is the most likely result.

Once SelekTOR is running it does a latency check by measuring the connection time to the chosen URL (usually google) over the normal net this is the time that is shown in the Net Latency field, this query is the one that most folks will see in their DNS lookup log as it is not done over the tor network.
The same URL is then connected to via whatever the active Tor connection is and again the time to connect is measured and displayed as the Tor Latency.
These latency checks are done every 5 seconds.

So if your wondering why DNS queries are being done for google by SelekTOR then I hope the above answers this question.

If this is an issue for some folks then here are some possible alternatives that I can consider:

1) Implement an additional preference to choose/specify the URL used for the continuous latency checking so you set in you own URL.
2) Just remove the entire latency checking features from SelekTOR and assume Tor will deliver the best possible choice, I can also use Tor to decide whether we have network reachability, again no DNS queries are issued.
3) Disable the latency testing features in Proxy All Traffic mode to ensure that the DNS queries are not issued in that mode.

So if folks have an opinion on this then feel free to comment on this post, as i’m open to all suggestions including ones I haven’t thought of.


SelekTOR 3.12-5 For Linux Released

Hi Folks

Lots of changes in this release mostly to do with packaging, their is now a Debian package available as well as the tarball.
Some minor UI changes to improve font and language scaling, see the screenshot on the main page for the slightly modified UI layout.
Updated version scheme, to be more in line with linux versioning practices.

If you should have any problems with any of the packages then please let me know as I have only tested them on 3 distro’s those being Linux Mint 17, Solydx and Siduction.

Im also looking for any criticisms of my Debian packaging to help me make any improvements to it, please note I am only just learning Debian packaging and the current package is the result of just 4 days worth of working knowledge so I would not be surprised if it falls flat in some departments.


SelekTOR for Windows registrations are now working again.

The registration issues have now been fixed with the latest release and I am again accepting new orders for SelekTOR licenses for the Windows version.

My apologies for this delay, and my thanks to those who were affected by this issue for their patience.


SelekTOR V3.12f For Windows Released

This release addresses and hopefully fixes the registration issues.

I will reinstate license purchases once I get some positive feed back on this release.

Existing licence holders should re-apply their licenses to SelekTOR due to incompatibilities with the old system.


SelekTOR fo Windows Registration is down.

Due to issues in the registration system, I have temporarily suspended registration orders.

Hopefully this wont be for more than a day or 2 at most.


PS: I am working as fast as I can to get this issue resolved as quite literally this website, bandwidth and my shitty DSL from Fairpoint  are now being payed for using anything I make from SelekTOR so its in my best interests to get it fixed as my life wont be worth living if my wife loses her internet :)


SelekTOR 3.12e For Windows released.

A new windows release that fixes a registration bug, that would prevent registration.

1) Ensure SelekTOR is not running.

2) Install update.

3) Start SelekTOR then proceed to register.



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