Niche software to go.

Now on Google+

You can now find me on Google Plus just click the G+ link at the top of the page. So if you need to contact me regarding anything Dazzleships related you can also do it there. Regards Alistair

SelekTOR 3.13-30 For Linux and V3.13n...

Grab it while its hot! Changelog:   * TorController.getTrafficFailCount now returns -1 if Tor fails to respond,     this fixes a false Internet access un-available notification being raised     when net access is restored.     – Hopefully fixed all internet access restoration issues, its a tricky one       as tor appears to behave differently under […]

Forums Now Open

Hi Folks The forums are now open for use, if you could please now use the forums for bug reporting from now on instead of Contact Us that would be great. At this point in time registration is not required to post, should it be abused I will make registration a requirement. I have posted […]

SelekTOR and the OSX situation.

Hi Folks I was fairly sure I had posted about this before, but can’t seem to find the post so either my memory is shot (definite possibility at my age) or I did make it but trashed it for some reason. Anyway people keep asking me if I could provide a version of SelekTOR for […]

Forums WIP

Hi Folks I am toying with re-introducing forums most specifically for fielding SelekTOR bug reports, it is most definitely a work in progress and obviously in its very early stages of life. Just trying to figure out bbPress at the moment but if any registered users fancy posting then go ahead and knock yourselves out […]

SelekTOR 3.13-29 For Linux and V3.13m...

Some more fixes and changes. Fixed bug in pattern editor in which changes to patterns of the currently activated country were not being applied immediately on save. Fixed issue with tray tooltip sometimes not disappearing on Linux. Hopefully fixed rare issue of Tor not restarting after loss of internet access. (Will be keeping an eye […]